Buchanan threw a lot…Pirella threw a lot

Among the Samsung Lions players who are at the bottom of the 2023 KBO League that finished the first half, Buchanan was ranked at the top of the pitching innings and Pirella at bats.

In a situation where the team’s performance was not good, Samsung, which did not produce good records in various individual performances, was found to be throwing the second most innings in the league after Kiwoom Hurado with team ace Buchanan digesting 109 1/3 innings.바카라사이트

Buchanan also ranked 5th in the league with 96 strikeouts, and in other TOP5 indicators for various pitchers, Suarez is tied for second place with 7 losses in the season.

In the hitter category, Pirella recorded 331 at-bats, making Kiwoom Kim Hye-sung the second most at-bats player, and Koo Ja-wook, who recorded 20 doubles despite an injury, ranked 5th in the league.

On the other hand, Oh Jae-il, who left a disappointment in the center line, struck out 76 strikeouts, the second most in the league, and Pirella struck out 12 double hits, the most in the league.

Samsung, which has a lot of regret in terms of individual performance amidst the sluggish team performance, will start the second half schedule against KT Wiz on the coming Friday.

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