Blue One Angels, second in the postseason ‘bloodless entry’

Pro Billiards (PBA) Team League Blue One Angels bet on NH Nonghyup Card Green Force (hereinafter referred to as NH), thanks to the ‘active’ of TS Shampoo and Pura Chicken Heroes (hereinafter referred to as TS), the last remaining postseason (PS) I grabbed the ticket. It was a ‘thunderbolt’ to NH, who was hit with ‘red pepper powder’ by TS, but from the Blue One’s point of view, it was ‘a nose-punch’.

NH lost 3-4 to PS after a close match against TS in the final game on the 7th day of the 6th round held at the Sono Calm Goyang Hotel in Goyang, Gyeonggi on the 14th.

Initially, NH, which tied Blue One and SK Rent-A-Car with 11 wins in the second half league to determine second place, went on to win the last multiplier pairing with Blue One as SK Rent-a-Car lost 2-4 to Crown Haitai and was eliminated first. Hana Card, who confirmed the PS line in the first half league, and the team that takes one more win against TS are on the last train to PS.

TS is ‘red pepper powder bag’, NH is ‘flying thunderbolt’, and Blue One’s point of view is ‘don’t touch your nose’

However, NH fell into the ‘trap of relative performance’. It was because of the rule that if the number of wins is the same, the opponent’s record in the later league will be considered. SK Rent-A-Car, who was thirteenth behind the other two teams in terms of opponents, lost 1-4 to Wellbang Phoenix with the final game left, so the first to miss the ‘tied line’ to PS. NH also fell into that trap. 바카라사이트

NH, who was behind Blue One by 1 win and 2 losses in the opponent’s record, had to win unconditionally in the TS match that day and waited to see whether Blue One won or lost in the Welbang Phoenix match that followed. It became a form of dedicating the PS line to the blue one that entered the bloodless above.

After the game, NH team leader Jaeho Cho said, “The tremendous pressure of waiting for the results of Blue One even after winning was weighing on the entire team. Nguyen Phuong Linh (Vietnam), who lost to opponent captain Kim Jong-won in the last 7 sets, sat down behind the table and cried.”

I had to play before the 5th set,” he said. The loss of Ma Minh Cam (Vietnam) in the 3rd set, which was an ‘ace match’, was very regrettable,” he confessed.

Blue One, who fell in the lower half of the first season last season and took first place in the second half league, took the last train to PS and reached the championship match, and this season also put its name on PS. Although they were defeated 0-4 by Welbang Phoenix in the final match of the day, they proudly climbed to PS with 2nd place in the regular league and waited patiently for the PO showdown with the winner of the semi-playoff (PO) between the winners of 3rd place Hana Card 1Q Pay and 4th place TS. done.

The semi-PO of the best of 3 system will be held on February 17th, and the PO of the best of 5 system will be held on February 18th and 19th at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center in Goyang.

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