Bento cheering forgotten? Day One’s mistake, out of order…Orion’s apology for what he missed: cat fans

DaeWon has a big mistake.

Recently, the news about Day One has been hot. The speculation of relocating the team from Pohang to Busan was eventually confirmed as a possibility. The city of Busan did not deny it.

Currently, the positions of Day One and Busan City are different. Day One wants to sign an association agreement with Busan City and decide on the location first before signing a sponsorship deal. However, the city of Busan has stated that it will sign an association agreement after the sponsorship agreement is decided.

If the two sides can find a mutual agreement in the end, it is quite possible for DAYONE to settle in Busan. There are already rumours in the basketball world that Day One will sign a naming rights deal with a company currently based in Busan and Gyeongnam. Facts are important, but it is true that Day One itself is looking for a company.

Currently, the team is in a serious situation. They’ve been overdue for a long time. And it’s not just the salaries. There is a lot to pay to all the related companies that played the 2022-23 season with them during the Carrot era. It’s still an open question.

The maths suggests that if they can secure a sponsorship deal and finalise a stadium settlement, the financial issues can be sorted out and the worst case scenario of a nine club system can be avoided.

But there’s one thing we’ve forgotten. There’s one thing that everyone from the Orion to the Daejayon has missed, and that’s to say sorry and apologise to the Goyang fans.

Orion settled in Goyang after the Daegu ‘Yabandoju’ incident, but when they sold the club to Dae One, they also left without apologising to the fans. And even DaeWon quickly forgot about the Goyang fans who supported them until the end and became the centre of the Pohang-Busan connection. It even turned out to be true.

Dei-won was not a manly man. The Goyang fans were the ones who supported them throughout the playoffs with everything from coffee to chicken to lunch boxes as they struggled financially in the 2022-23 season. Their gratitude was short-lived. The team is moving on without apology.

Professional sports are nothing without their fans. It was the Goyang fans who supported and protected Day One until the end, when the club’s finances were so bad that it could not function as a professional club at all. But now that he has a new family, they won’t even look at him.스포츠토토

Can Goyang fans understand this, and can Busan basketball fans, who lost their way when KT left for Suwon, really welcome Day One after learning about his past? It’s not easy to understand.

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