Bellinger, ‘released MVP’, perfect revival → Superb contract

Cody Bellinger (28, Chicago Cubs), a former MVP who was released after being judged unable to recover, announces a perfect revival and is about to sign a super-large contract.메이저놀이터

The Major League Secretariat announced on the 3rd (Korean time) that Bellinger was selected as the National League Player of the Month. Shohei Otani (29) wins the American League.

With this, Bellinger won the National League MVP again in 4 years since 2019, when he won it. 2nd win in personal career.

Previously, Bellinger won the National League Player of the Week award in April for the first time in four years. Bellinger is announcing a perfect resurrection after 4 years.

Bellinger recorded a batting average of 0.400, 8 home runs, 24 RBIs, 22 points, 40 hits, and an on-base percentage of 0.432 OPS 1.122 in 26 games over the past month.

In addition, Bellinger is continuing his momentum from last month with a batting average of 0.400 and an OPS of 1.115, including one home run in the two games held this month.

Accordingly, Bellinger recorded a batting average of 0.316, 16 home runs, 50 RBIs, 59 points, 93 hits, and an on-base percentage of 0.368 OPS of 0.909 in 77 games of the season until this day.

Of course, compared to the 2019 season, when he was still awarded the MVP, his batting performance was insufficient. At that time, Bellinger recorded 47 homers, 115 RBIs and an OPS of 1.035 in 156 games.

Cody Bellinger. Photo = Getty Images Korea

However, Bellinger has been steadily sending signals of resurgence since the beginning of this season, and announced that he has returned perfectly last month.

Accordingly, Bellinger is expected to overcome the humiliation of being released from the Los Angeles Dodgers last year, and this winter he will be able to sign the mega contract he wants.

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