‘Autumn man’ with ‘summer start’ in national hitter’s trust… The reason why the first ‘two wins’ in the second half are desperate

‘Jung Ga-young’ started earlier than usual.

Subin Sue (33, Doosan Bears) has been constantly followed by the image of a ‘slow starter’. The nickname ‘Jung Ga-young’ came about because of this. Even after a rather sluggish start in the first half, he continued to perform well in big games such as the second half and the postseason, earning him the modifier ‘Autumn Hero’.

He used to jokingly say, “I think it’s because I was born in the fall,” but from the beginning of the season, he wanted to do well more than anyone else.카지노

This year, Doosan made a new start by appointing Lee Seung-yeop as the head coach.

Coach Lee has consistently placed Soo-bin as the first hitter this season.

Until mid-April, the batting average stayed in the early 20% range, and it seemed like a ‘late start’ this year as well. He hit 10% for the month of May.

Director Lee judged that Su-bin was the right person for the leadoff, and gave him strength.

Subin’s pace also began to rise with June. He recorded a batting average of 3.01 5 Lee in 24 games in June, and boasted a more fierce hitting feeling with 3.6 1 Lee in 9 games in July.

The lake rain coming out from all over the place made me feel the value beyond the batting average. In early July, the throw that caught the third base runner from home made Sue-bin feel healthy.

Head coach Lee Seung-yeop welcomes Jeong Su-bin, who came home. Gocheok = Reporter Jeong Jae-geun cjg@sportschosun.com
Manager Lee said, “Originally, Soo-bin is an excellent player. I don’t say that trusting Soo-bin is painful.” . As the number one hitter, he is showing a good performance as he develops the game. It would have been difficult for our team to come this far without Su-bin Su,” he praised.

Subin Sue expressed her gratitude, saying, “I paid attention to playing the game at a good pace in the first half. More than anything, the coach believed in me, and even when I was not in good shape, I went out as the number one hitter, so I got used to it. I also worked hard as much as he believed in me.” told

Ahead of the second half, Jeong Su-bin also expressed his determination to repay Lee’s trust.

Doosan finished the first half with a 9-game winning streak. Coach Lee tied the record for the most consecutive wins in his debut season as a Bears manager. The previous record was held by director Kim Yeong-duk in 1982 and Kim Seong-geun in 1984. In addition, the most consecutive victories achieved in the first year as a full-time manager in the previous league are 10 consecutive victories, with LG coach Cheon Bo-seong in 1997, Lee Hee-soo as Hanwha coach in 1999, and Lee Kwang-eun as LG coach in 2000.

The Doosan club’s record for most consecutive wins was 10, achieved by manager Kim In-sik in 2000 and manager Kim Tae-hyung in 2018.

If you add 2 wins, Lee will be listed as the club’s most consecutive wins. In addition, the record for the most consecutive wins for a new manager in the KBO League will be rewritten. Doosan will play the first three games in the second half against the KIA Tigers at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju from the 21st.

Suebin expressed his determination, “I hope we can continue our winning streak in the second half. I know that the most consecutive winning streak is 10, but I want to present a new record to the coach by winning 11 consecutive wins.”

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