“Anytime if Yoo Kang-nam doesn’t work out,” the home-broadcast competition heats up… Lotte dreams of a ‘catcher kingdom’ 

“It’s competition. Won’t Yoo Kang-nam feel the same way when he sees his juniors doing well?”

‘8 billion catcher’ Yoo Kang-nam is the center of the Lotte Giants. However, he is not satisfied with the momentum of his young juniors.메이저사이트

Yoo Kang-nam led the team to victory in the game against the Ulsan Samsung Lions on the 5th with 2 hits and 3 RBIs in 3 at-bats, including a 3-run home run.

He wore the Lotte uniform last winter for 4 years and 8 billion won. He’s been disappointing this year. He had a batting average of .233 and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.657 through the 5th, a career high.

The 7th shot of the season hit the day before was the first touch in 44 days since the Kiwoom Heroes game on July 22nd. Lotte, which had expected the league’s best defense as well as slugging power of more than 20 home runs, is disappointed in many ways.

Yoo Kang-nam himself is well aware of the gaze directed at him. He said awkwardly, “It feels like it’s been a while since I played my role.” He also confessed his extraordinary mental hardship, saying, “I was always intimidated, so the results were not good. I did it with peace of mind, confidence, coolness, and no regrets.”

Yoo Kang-nam’s pride, the ‘Geumgang Buddha’, also cracked. It was a day that could be considered a turning point after experiencing a long absence due to an internal oblique muscle injury.

However, Jeong Jeong-geun, who took advantage of Yoo Kang-nam’s injury and had a hot August, is also looking for an opportunity. Jeong Jeong-geun had the best month of his life in August, recording a monthly batting average of .403, 9 ri (18 hits in 41 at-bats). The lead provided to the pitcher and the quick pop-up time have been recognized early on.

Son Seong-bin is also well-received for his fierce hitting and fiery throw to second base. In particular, it is noteworthy that the two players show strengths in blocking stolen bases, which is considered Yoo Kang-nam’s weakness. Yoo Kang-nam said, “I feel proud when I see my juniors doing well these days,” and expressed his determination, saying, “I will show you a different side of myself in the future.”
What do Lotte acting manager Lee Jong-woon think? When we met on the 6th, he did not hide his proud feelings, saying, “Of course, it is basic for Yoo Kang-nam to be the starting player,” but also, “If things don’t work out, we can always use Jeong Bo-geun or Son Seong-bin.”

“Didn’t the two players show good performances when Yoo Kang-nam was injured? They are ready at any time. Even though Yoo Kang-nam is a free agent recruit, he will feel a lot from watching the juniors. It will be helpful to the team.”

It has been 6 years since Kang Min-ho left in 2017. Lotte has entered an era of abundance for its best catcher. Can the synergy effect of home competition lead to an upward trend for the entire team?

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