‘Amen corner’… “Worst of all is the par 3 12th hole”

On the 6th (local time), at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, USA, there is a place that players are reluctant to play at the Masters. It is the Amen Corner, the 11th through 13th holes. Herbert Warren, a reporter for Sports Illustrated (SI), named it after being inspired by the 1958 jazz band performance song ‘Shouting at Amen Corner’.

The worst among them is hole 12 (par 3). He averaged 3.556 in 1966. He is a hole that is hit by a critical hit over a last-minute triple bogey. The length is only 155 yards. However, a ‘computerized iron shot’ that reaches the narrow space between the stream in front of the green and the bunker behind is essential. In the local area, “We found an American Indian grave in 1931,” and even a superstition that “strange things often happen” came out.

Tom Weiskopf (USA) is a representative example. On the first day of 1980, he entered the creek five times and scored a whopping 13, a decuple bogey, and the worst score in Masters history. It remained as a pain to win only runner-up in the Masters four times. Jeff Magert (USA) is a quintuple bogey who holed out in eight strokes on the final day of 2003. Bubba Watson recorded a ‘9 on 1 putt’ septuple bogey in the 4th round in 2013, and Jordan Spieth (above USA) recorded a ‘6 on 1 putt’ quadruple bogey on the final day of 2016. 토토사이트

Woods laughed and cried on the 12th hole. At the time of winning in 2019, he benefited from the 12th hole. The ball from Francesco Molinari (Italy), who led by two strokes, landed on the chin of the bunker and entered the creek, leading to a double bogey. Molinari eventually swallowed tears after the misfortune of hitting a tree branch and falling into the water on his third shot at a distance of 80 yards on the 13th hole (par 5).

Woods was also scolded on the 12th hole. At the time of the ‘Fall Masters’ in November 2020, I was humiliated by the ‘8 on 2 putt’ septuple bogey on the last day. The 158-yard tee shot fell into a stream, and after a one-stroke penalty, the third shot flowed down the slope of the green and entered the water. The fifth shot was caught in the bunker after the green, and the sixth shot was again a water hazard. On the final day, he was sluggish with a 4-over-par 76 and finished the tournament in a tie for 38th place.

Last year, Cameron Smith (Australia) became the ‘scapegoat on the 12th hole’. On the final day, the tee shot fell into the water, and after a penalty stroke, even the third shot went well over the green and recorded a triple bogey. On the last day, with 6 birdies, 4 bogeys, and 1 triple bogey, she finished with 1 over par and a tie for 3rd place.

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