Alina 17 goals… Busan Facilities Corporation beats Incheon City Hall and wins 2nd handball league

The Busan Facilities Corporation won their second win of the season in the SK Handball Korea League thanks to the performance of Alina, a foreign player who scored 17 goals alone.

The Busan Facilities Corporation, directed by Kang Jae-won, won the 2022-2023 SK Handball Korea League Women’s Round 1 match against Incheon City Hall 32-30 at Gijang Gymnasium in Busan on the 12th.

In the Busan Facilities Corporation, Lee Mi-kyung, the main player, missed the day due to injury, but Alina scored 17 goals and led the team to victory.

Alina, a Belarusian national, led the season with 32 goals.안전놀이터

The Busan Facilities Corporation, with 2 wins and 1 draw, rose to second place following Samcheok City Hall (3 wins).

In the game that followed, the ‘defending champion’ Samcheok City Hall defeated Gyeongnam Development Corporation 25-21 and won 3 consecutive victories and became the sole first place.

Jeon Ji-yeon scored 7 goals, and Kim Min-seo, who is considered the biggest rookie this season, also scored 6 goals and 5 assists, taking the lead in the team’s victory.

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