Absurd indulgences… Russia: “There is nothing wrong with Balieva’s doping”

The Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) gave an absurd indulgence to Russian figure skater Kamila Balieva (17), who caused a doping controversy at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) said on the 14th (Korean time), “The RUSADA Disciplinary Commission, which has been investigating the case, has concluded that even if Valiyeva violated anti-doping rules, she was not liable for fault or negligence to him.” .

“Accordingly, the RUSADA Disciplinary Committee invalidated only the results of the competition on December 25, 2021, when Baliyeva’s doping sample was collected, and she did not impose any disciplinary action on Balieva,” it was announced on the website.

In addition, “We have requested RUSADA to submit all the data leading to this conclusion, and we are going to review whether RUSADA’s decision complies with WADA regulations. scheduled,” he added.

Fundamentally, WADA’s strong distrust that RUSADA’s decision cannot be trusted is expected to prolong the closure of the Baliyeva case.

When RUSADA postponed the investigation into Balieva’s case, WADA filed a complaint against RUSADA and Balieva to CAS regardless of RUSADA’s investigation results in November of last year, and imposed a 4-year suspension of Balieva’s athlete qualifications and tested positive in December of last year, the date of sample collection. After the 24th, they requested that all of Balieva’s competition results be canceled.

As RUSADA’s decision came out two months after the CAS filing, it is expected that WADA will closely examine the data and decide on future measures.

Balieva caused a stir when trimetazidine, a banned drug ingredient, was detected in a urine sample submitted in December 2021 during the Beijing Winter Olympics in February last year. Trimetazidine is used to treat angina and is also available as a stimulant, which has been on the WADA’s list of illegal drugs since 2014.

Balieva complained of injustice, saying that the doping sample tested positive for the drug because her grandfather’s heart medication was mixed in.

However, as her criticism surged, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) canceled the award ceremony and the awarding of the gold medal in the team figure skating event at the Beijing Winter Olympics by the Russian Olympic Committee, and postponed it until the Balieva case was settled.바카라사이트

When Baliyeva’s incident became the biggest scandal at the Beijing Winter Olympics, CAS held an emergency meeting during the Games and allowed Baliyeva to participate normally in the women’s singles event, citing that she was a minor under the age of 16 without self-initiative for drug use. amplified.

Baliyeva seemed burdened by her barrage of criticism and made a series of mistakes, and in the end she missed her medal by placing fourth.

The U.S., which won the silver medal in the team figure skating event at the Beijing Winter Olympics, is still sticking to the toughest stance against Russia and Balieva. If the Russian Olympic Committee strips Baliyeva of her gold medal for doping violations, the United States takes over.

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