A YouTuber who used to be a baseball player with a better 3-point shot than Kim Seon-hyung? Yu Hee-gwan’s outing to the basketball court

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Yu The car was opened. Familiar in the fierce atmosphere, but on the basketball court, a strange face was sitting in the crowd.

Doosan’s franchise star Yu Hee-gwan, a former professional baseball player who recorded 101 victories, is the main character. Yoo Hee-gwan has been in a relationship with SK Kim Seon-hyung as an alumnus of Chung-Ang University, so he visited the playoff match for the 6th round to cheer.

Yoo Hee-gwan said, “(Kim) Sun-hyung came as an invitation. If you ask Seon-seon, he will know my basketball skills. He’s on the baseball team, but he lived on the basketball court (laughs). We had a snack betting shoot match, and I often beat Sun-seon. Recently, we appeared together on a broadcast program and played basketball together, and Seonhyeon was surprised by my 3-point shot.” 바카라

Kim Seon-hyung attempted a dunk shot with 7 minutes and 51 seconds remaining in the third quarter, but failed. He jokingly asked Yu Hee-gwan what his friend thought about this. Yu Hee-gwan gestured that he was a little lacking and said, “We met eyes earlier, but I sent a hand gesture saying that I was a little lacking. He admitted it too. He seemed to be contemplating whether to dunk or not. Had he been confident, he could have succeeded. Still, I came to cheer for him, but I feel good because he is doing well.”

Yu Hee-kwan is a pitcher who has been loved in professional baseball for a long time. He knows better than anyone the importance of his fans. Yoo Hee-gwan said, “I came to the basketball court after a long time, but like the playoffs in the 6th round, many spectators gathered and the heat was hot. I hope not only SK players but all players who made it to the playoffs can achieve good results without injury and increase the popularity of basketball in Korea.”

SK beat KCC 89-73. When asked about Yoo Hee-gwan to Kim Seon-hyung, who we met after the game, he said, “Thank you for coming, even though you were busy. (Yu) Hee-gwan hyung, isn’t his face warm? My hyung is doing well, but I think I gained strength thanks to the people who came to cheer me on. He says he will come to the next game, but I will look forward to it,” he said with a laugh.

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