A good example of coexistence between players and caddies… Kim Young-soo and Kim Jae-min “If we trust and rely on each other”

Is there a way for players and caddies to grow together? Kim Young-soo (34) and caddy Kim Jae-min (30) are good examples.

Kim Young-soo won the Genesis Championship and the LG SIGNATURE Tour Championship last year, sweeping the Korean Tour grand prize and prize money. The forgotten golf genius succeeded in making a splendid comeback.

Behind him was caddy Kim Jae-min. Those who met as seniors in the military are continuing that bond even after coming out into society. Kim Jae-min, who was an international student in the United States, started playing golf in 안전놀이터earnest after meeting Kim Young-soo, which he had only learned as a hobby. 

Since then, he has been on tour with Kim Young-soo as his caddy. He doesn’t just play games, we do sports and practice together, and we go around schedules together. He hangs out almost every day.

Kim Jae-min said, “I was happy that (Kim) Young-soo had the best year in 2022. Winning the ‘Genesis Championship’, which was my first win as a caddy, is an unforgettable memory. tell,” he said.

He said, “It is true that professional caddies do not have as much professional knowledge as wind direction, wind speed, and club selection. The Korean Tour is a stage with a high level of tension even from the caddy’s point of view. He guided me,” he said.

“As a caddy, I was lacking in know-how, so I thought about a role that could help Young-soo hyung. I was faithful to the basic role of a caddy, which is to create an atmosphere so that the player can focus on playing. My strength is that I know Young-soo hyung more deeply than anyone else. It was. I tried to stabilize my mentality and reduce the surrounding factors that hindered my play.”

Kim Young-soo and Kim Jae-min will be together this year as well. With the DP World Tour seed and the right to participate in the Genesis Invitational, he is scheduled to leave for the United States and Europe.

Kim Jae-min said, “There are many mountainous courses in the DP World Tour. For those of us familiar with the Korean Tour, it will be unfamiliar and a great challenge in terms of course strategy. We will face many difficulties, but if we trust and rely on each other, we will be able to achieve good results.” I am very excited and excited to be able to participate as a caddy in big tournaments that the world is paying attention to, such as the Genesis Invitational and the Genesis Scottish Open.”

He continued, “The experience as a caddy will be a great asset when I play as a player later on the tour. I want to debut on the Korean Tour by melting what I have learned from watching and learning from the side into my own strengths. I want to. I will try to become a player who can compete for the championship trophy.”

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