A goal like this in the K-League? Promoted teams armed with ‘attack football’

This is sports news. The teams promoted to the K-League this season caused a sensation. The secret is attacking football that doesn’t look at the left side. Traditional strongmen are being helpless.

This is reporter Choi Ha-eun.


< Daegu 3:4 Gwangju | K-League (Yesterday) > In the

18th minute of the first half, the cross from a distance was sharp, and the shot that was hit as it ran was exquisite.

Gwangju, which took the lead with Kim Han-gil’s goal, savagely beat Daegu.

They conceded three goals in a row and allowed a tie, but they didn’t miss the last chance and won 4-3.

[Ha Seung-woon/Gwangju FC: I think everything is worth trying, and if we prepare our soccer, we can win everything.]

Gwangju, which was promoted again this season after experiencing only three relegations in the second division, was also evaluated as ‘relegation 1st place’. , K-League Ranking Climbed up to 5th place with bold dribbling.

Daejeon, which has been promoted for the first time in 8 years, is creating a sensation by running in 3rd place.

< Daejeon 2:1 Ulsan|K-League (Yesterday) >

Last season’s champion Ulsan, who was on a 6-game winning streak, also defeated Ulsan 2-1. 안전놀이터

[Lee Min-seong/Daejeon Hana Citizen coach (half-time locker room): Keep pressing! It’s a game today and a week later! Pour it all out and come out!]

With 16 goals in 7 matches, Daejeon, which scored the most goals, was applauded as a soccer fight against no matter who the opponent was.

On the other hand, Jeonbuk in ninth place and Suwon Samsung in last place fell into a swamp of sluggishness amidst criticism for losing their color.

Fans who blocked the team’s bus and protested poured out anger.

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