A genius shortstop who hit the final stroke “It’s okay to strike out, so be confident”… The master’s advice worked

 The hot winter of the Lotte Giants warmed even the heart of the ‘genius shortstop’.

In a practice match against the Hanwha Eagles held at Gushikawa Stadium in Uruma, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan on the 2nd, Lee Hak-joo led a come-from-behind victory 8-7 with two come-from-behind RBIs and timely hits in the bottom of the 8th inning.

With this, Lotte won 4 consecutive victories in spring camp바카라사이트, starting with the match against the Chiba Lotte Marines 2nd team in Ishigaki, Okinawa. It was an irregular game with 25 pitches per inning, but it was enough victory to revive the momentum following the bold investment last winter.

It was a come-from-behind victory. Lotte gave Hanwha 2 points first in the 3rd inning, Lee Jin-young in the 4th inning, and Park Sang-eon in the 6th inning, respectively, allowing solo shots, leading to a 1-5 lead.

Lotte caught up with two runs in the 5th inning with Hwang Seong-bin and Ahn Chi-hong’s timely hits, and in the 5th inning Lee Jung-hoon, Kim Min-soo, and Lee Hak-joo’s hits combined with mistakes in the opponent’s batting judgment, turned the score over to 6-5.

In the 8th inning, Hanwha Kim Tae-yeon’s two-run shot allowed a reversal, but starting with Go Seung-min’s double in the 8th inning, Lee Jung-hoon tied the score and Lee Hak-joo struck a timely hit to achieve a dramatic come-from-behind victory.

Lee Jung-hoon, who changed his uniform from KIA to Lotte, showed off his presence by posting 2 RBIs with 3 doubles, and Lee Hak-joo also recorded a multi-hit including a come-from-behind hit.

On this day, starting with starter Charlie Barnes, Seongbin Yoon, Taeseung Jung, Jinwook Kim, Junyong Choi, and Seungmin Koo started in turn. Barnes pitched well, allowing no runs on one hit and one walk in two innings. The highest speed was 144 km.

After the game, Lotte coach Larry Sutton praised the players, saying, “I allowed the lead twice, but I overcame it. I’m happy that I’m improving. I need to supplement the details in the airlift. I showed the spirit of the one team.”

Lee Hak-joo, the protagonist of the come-from-behind hit, said, “I thought a lot at bat. I feel better because I played the game well,” he said.

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