’80 billion FW’ sluggishness, Tottenham is also responsible… “Find the right role!”

Tottenham Hotspur needs to find a way to use Richarlison.

He is a top striker from Brazil. He has a variety of talents as a striker, with solid physicality, Brazilian-style individual prowess and considerable influence in the box. He also has the ability to create results alone, so during his time at Everton, even in a situation where the team was sluggish, he had the experience of avoiding defeat or winning토토사이트 a victory with Richarli Song’s struggles.

Thanks to his performance, he succeeded in entering Tottenham. Last summer, Tottenham made eight signings, including the outright signing of Christian Romero, but Richarlison was the most expensive. 58 million euros (approximately 78.4 billion won). As he was recruited immediately with a sense of power, he expected a big role aggressively.

However, his performance so far is close to ‘failure’. If you look at the records, it makes sense. He has played in 18 matches so far, including cup competitions, but only scored 2 goals and 3 assists. He has not scored a single goal in the league. This is how he lost his position after an injury against Manchester United last year.

He performed well in the World Cup, but the situation did not change. He was only a substitute in the matches against Arsenal, Manchester City and Fulham in January. In the last game against Prester, a hamstring injury recurred and he was again excluded from the list. In the meantime, Tottenham signed Arnaud Danzuma on loan from Villarreal, and he made his debut against Preston, scoring his opening goal and receiving the passing grade.

Criticism arose as the striker, who invested a large amount of transfer fee, continued to be sluggish. Gabriel Agbonlaher, who played an active role in the English Premier League (EPL) in the past, said through the British media ‘Football Insider’, “When Dejan Kulusevski, Harry Kane, and Son Heung-min were included in the starting lineup, Richarlison was on the bench in a comfortable state without any competitors. “He must have been. He needs to be a little more serious. His performance is so poor. It’s already February and he hasn’t scored a goal in the league. It’s not enough. Injuries are no excuse.”

Richarlison’s Resurrection. The responsibility lies with Tottenham. Transfer market expert Dean Jones insisted that Tottenham should give him the right role at club level. “Ultimately, I think Tottenham have to figure out what role is right for Richarlison,” he told British media ‘Give Me Sports.’ I think Tottenham need to find a solution.”

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