34-year-old Ryu Won-seok, desperate for baseball, “I want to try my first win this year, the first hold I haven’t had in 10 years”

He joined as a training player and lived as a professional player for 10 years. He looked up first-team records and found that he pitched in 12 games and pitched 14 innings. He had 11 hits, including two homers, and struck out 17, with 25 four walks. Here is a brief summary of the career of right-handed sidearm Ryu Won-seok (34). 1 loss, ERA 7.71.

It is difficult for a player who has achieved that level of performance for 10 years to become a pro. However, the Hanwha Eagles reached out to Ryu Won-seok, who was released from the LG Twins in October. Tired of waiting, LG gave up, but Hanwha saw a fastball with an average speed of over 150 km/h. At the edge of a precipice, a chance that might be the last has come.

On the 18th, Ryu Won-seok, whom we met at Seosan Hanwha 2nd District Stadium, looked back on the time he was notified of the release and said, “I want to play baseball, but it was difficult because I thought I couldn’t do it anymore.” He wore a Hanwha uniform alongside his classmate Chae Eun-seong (33).

A fastball of 150 km/h is scary. He threw the most powerful ball. However, control was seldom captured. He was said to be a promising player in his team for many years. There were injuries and there were many twists and turns. 10 years passed like that.

“It was a series of hopes and frustrations,” he said.

In fact, he had a desire to play for Hanwha from before. I thought of Choi Won-ho, coach of Hanwha’s 2nd team. In 2013, after graduating from Inha University and joining the team, coach Choi left after working as a pitching coach for LG. My colleagues often talked about ‘Pitching Coach Choi Won-ho’.

Ryu Won-seok said, “I’ve heard a lot of stories that he catches me in detail. I really wanted to try it with Director Choi.” Director Choi called Ryu Won-seok and said, “Let’s fix the shortcomings little by little. Let’s increase the probability step by step.” 바카라사이트

The first ball I haven’t caught in 10 years, will it get better soon? A lot of people are skeptical about it. Ryu Won-seok has a slightly different idea. “I have a feeling it might be a problem that can be solved if I just find one thing,” he said.

It is a belief that comes from experience. By his senior year of college, he wasn’t a fastball pitcher. He said it was difficult to throw a fast ball around him. But he pushed himself to the limit to increase his speed. He said, “No matter what I do, I focus on maximizing it. As I work hard, the speed of the ball changes at some point.”

Now, beyond 10 years as a pro, it has been 11 years.

He said his goal for this season was “to appear better than before in first-team matches and remain with the team after the season is over.” When we asked him to tell us his specific goal, he said, “I want to win and hold, which I have never done before while playing 30 games in the first team.”

Baseball is essential.

If you endured 10 years in the pros and got another chance, it’s not a failed baseball life. There are many players who cannot even cross the pro threshold, and even if they become pros, they cannot pass 2 or 3 years. About 100 people become professional players every year, and a similar number of players have to vacate. Ryu Won-seok thought of himself as a loser for a long time, but now he tries to see it positively.

New groom Ryu Won-seok, who got married last December, said, “I am grateful to my wife for telling me to play the baseball I want to play without regret.” He has been away from his Seoul home since early January to do his personal training.

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