3 red flags, 8 abstentions… Verstappen Wins Grand Australian GP

‘Super Max’ Max Verstappen (Red Bull, Netherlands), who is swallowing up Formula One (F1), which competes for the world’s fastest speed, returned to the top of the podium after overcoming a great race in which the red flags fluttered 3 times and 8 people withdrew. .

Verstappen won the 2023 F1 World Championship Round 3 Australian Grand Prix held at the Albert Park Circuit (58 laps, 306.124 km) in Melbourne, Australia on the 2nd with a record of 2 hours 32 minutes 38 seconds 371 with a checkered flag. He was 0.179 seconds behind second place Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes, England) and 0.769 seconds behind third place Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin, Spain).

Verstappen, who won two games this season, accumulated 69 points and secured the top spot in the overall rankings. 37 wins in F1 career. The Red Bull team showed off their spirit by running to the top of the three Grands Prix in a row, with Verstappen winning in the first round and Sergio Perez (Mexico) winning in the second round.

The race on this day was a crucible of great triumph, with frequent collisions and accidents from the beginning to the end, with the safety car repeatedly activating the yellow flag and the red flag fluttering three times, requiring all vehicles to rearrange and start.

Verstappen, who took first place in the preliminaries and took the pole position, was pushed back in the first start and was immediately overtaken by George Russell (Mercedes, England) and Hamilton, and fell to third place. However, on the first lap, Charles Leclerc (Ferrari, Monaco) left the track in the aftermath of a collision, and a yellow flag came out, predicting a tough race that day. 스포츠토토

On lap 7, Alex Albon (Williams, England) spun alone, then got off the track and the safety car appeared again following a yellow flag. Because of this, the race resumed with a standing start from the 10th lap with Hamilton in the pole position.

After Verstappen took the lead on Lap 12, the safety car was activated again on Lap 18, this time when Russell’s engine caught fire. On lap 54, Kevin Magnussen (Haas Denmark) collided with the wall and the rear wheel fell off, triggering a yellow flag followed by another safety car, followed by a red flag.

A standing start was made again with two laps left, but as soon as the race resumed, Alonso and Carlos Sainz Jr. (Ferrari, Spain) collided, followed by a collision between Pierre Gasley and Esteban Okon (above Alpine, France) from the rear, resulting in red again. flag came out In the end, the race ended with a rolling start in the order of Verstappen-Hamilton-Alonso. Of the 20 runners who finished the race safely that day, 12, or as many as 8, withdrew due to various accidents.

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