3 consecutive wins are basic

In 2022, Shin Jin-seo played the finals in 7 competitions. He won LG pear and Samsung Hwa Cultivation one after another. If you add the 2021 Chunran Cup victory, you will stand tall as a triple crown in the world competition. It was accompanied by winning the national championship called the International Competition. He has won three national championships. As he failed to sweep all of the finals, he once lost to his professional mate, Shin Min-jun, in the final of Myeonginjeon. 안전놀이터

Sawfalcosanol won three consecutive championships. This is a challenge stage, not a championship game. We just have to wait and see who will win the challenge this year. In the KBS Go King match, we are looking forward to winning 4 consecutive times this year, but we have to overcome Byeon Sang-il in the semifinals to achieve our goal. The King of Go game is an invitational tournament with some players, but Yongseongjeon is a championship as big as the GS Caltex Cup. He reached the finals four years in a row and won three consecutive championships.I cut off at 16 and used my strength. It is a place where there is no uncomfortable corner in the bag. He must have been grateful that he extended to black 17 saying he would fight. White pushes to 22 and attaches to 26 to drive black to form. Black seems to be getting more and more into a quagmire. AI Katago shows <picture>. It is not difficult to live in the middle of a black who has built a house from the bottom. It is a situation where white is slightly ahead, but black has many places to put it, so it is a trend that can be expected. By white 26, there was no way for black to return to home baduk. The left five black points must not be caught, and the middle nine points must be saved. Can he do two things at once?

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