‘2 weight division’ Christian Lee defends his throne at the One Championship

Korean fighter Christian Lee (Lee Seung-ryong, USA/Canada) unveiled the plan for the first defense of the mixed martial arts lightweight champion at Asia’s largest martial arts organization, One Championship, in celebration of the new year.

On May 6 (Korean time), ONE on Prime Video 10 will be held at the First Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado, USA. It is a number ring (level 1) competition held for the first time in the United States by One Championship.

Christian Lee said on the 4th, “I want to be one of the stars participating in ONE on Prime Video 10. I heard that Saigit Izazhmaev (Russia), ranked 3rd in lightweight, wants a title match. I will gladly accept the challenge.”

Christian Lee was the 2019-2021 One Championship lightweight champion. He was usurped his throne in September 2021, but regained it in August of last year. In November, he reached the top of the welterweight division and won two weight divisions.

Izagakhmayev also achieved achievements in the welterweight division, such as the silver medal at the 2015 Russian Mixed Martial Arts Association Dagestan Championships and the 2020 Russian ‘Gorilla Fighting’ provisional champion. 안전놀이터

James Nakashima (USA), whom Izaghahmayev made his One Championship debut in January of last year and knocked out in 2 minutes and 17 seconds in the second round with a choke technique called ‘bravo choke’, is also a former welterweight title contender.

Christian Lee acknowledged his skill, saying, “Izazahmaev’s momentum in One Championship is something I haven’t seen from any other fighter in the lightweight division. He’s the most obvious contender right now.”

Izaghahmayev TKO’d Shinya Aoki (Japan), former One Championship lightweight champion last month, with a light cross followed by a ground strike 1 minute and 26 seconds into the match. Aoki was also a strong fighter who even experienced the welterweight championship.

Christian Lee said, “I try not to talk too much. No matter who One Championship nominates as the challenger, once the match begins, I’m ready to step into the cage and do my duty as a champion.”