‘1G 3 Mistakes’ Kim Ji-chan, 2nd Army, ‘National Shortstop Cold Heart’, the bitter reality of Samsung at the bottom

2 wins, 8 losses in the last 10 games, winning rate 0.386. The 40% barrier also collapsed. The infielder of the national team, who had committed three painful mistakes and lost his way, was notified of the second group. This is a sad reality for the Samsung Lions.온라인카지노

Samsung canceled Kim Ji-chan (22) from the first team entry ahead of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League visiting game against the Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 29th.

Kim Ji-chan is the 3rd player in the team with the most innings in a specific position despite starting the season late due to an injury suffered during field training. That’s why Samsung’s second base couldn’t be thought of without Kim Ji-chan.

However, there was a problem with defensive anxiety, and even as manager Park Jin-man, he could not stand still, so he made a decision.

Samsung is having a tough season. Even before the opening, there were many injuries, including Kim Ji-chan, and the ups and downs of the main hitters continued. The team’s batting average was 9th with 0.252, the mound was greatly shaken, and the team’s ERA (4.77) also fell to the bottom. In a way, it even seemed like a natural result to fall to the bottom.

Still, the defense was somewhat different. Samsung was at least second in this category with 42 errors. That’s why Kim Ji-chan’s defense against Lotte on the 28th was shocking.

Jichan Kim. /Photo = Samsung Lions
Kim Ji-chan made a catch error in the first inning when the lead batter Koh Seung-min grounded the second baseman. He provided an excuse to start with one run.

The bigger problem was episode 4. Samsung was leading 5-1, but Kim Ji-chan seemed to have no composure. With no runners on the first runner, he missed Yoo Kang-nam’s ground ball once again and allowed him to go on base. I could see it shaking. He had a chance to make up for his mistake with a double play when Park Seung-wook’s second baseman grounded, but this time he made a mistake in throwing. The inning should have ended without conceding, but 1 out 2nd and 3rd base.

Suarez, who was throwing well, had no choice but to shake. Han Dong-hee gave up two runs after a heavy hit, and manager Park Jin-man assigned third baseman Kang Han-ul to second base and replaced Kim Ji-chan with Kim Ho-jae. It was a bittersweet choice. Kim Min-seok and Lee Hak-joo also gave up hits and gave up another run. Koh Seung-min was induced to ground the 2nd baseman, but in the meantime, the 3rd base runner stepped home and the score was tied 5-5, and Samsung eventually lost 6-9.

With a batting average of 0.290 this season, he is doing his job in hitting, but in defense, he committed 9 errors, the most on the team. It is true that Kim Ji-chan, who is in his 4th year as a professional, and Lee Jae-hyun (20), who is in his 2nd year as a keystone, can be burdened and cannot be 100% satisfied with the quality, but the defense that day was very disappointing.

As coach Park Jin-man, who has been active as a national team player with excellent defense and was considered one of the league’s leading shortstops, it is inevitable that he will have a more complicated mind watching the shaking infield. He received good reviews as an acting manager and rose to the official command tower, but he is having a bitter season with various bad news overlapping.

Samsung registered pitcher Heo Yoon-dong in the first team instead of Kim Ji-chan. This match was canceled due to rain. Samsung will go home and play three consecutive weekend games against the Hanwha Eagles, who are on a six-game winning streak from the 30th.
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