‘100M finishing gap erased’ Robertson, the last flame is roaring

Last March, when the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) was in full swing. Disaster descended on the back door of the New York Mets. Edwin Diaz (29) is out for the season.

However, in the first month of the 2023 season, the ninth inning of the New York Mets was solid. This is because David Robertson (38), who has not left much to be desired, persevered perfectly.

Robertson pitched 11 1/3 innings in 11 games in the opening month, recording 5 saves and a 0.79 ERA without a win or loss. 14 strikeouts.

Also, Robertson earned two saves in the first game of May on the 2nd (Korean time). He pitched 13 1/3 innings in 12 innings, with an earned run average of 0.68 and 18 strikeouts.

This is a result that reminds us of Robertson’s heyday in the early 2010s. At the time, Robertson was active as a special setup man for the New York Yankees.

Afterwards, Robertson transformed into a closer from the mid-2010s, but his detailed performance was not very good. Retracing his early 2010s performance seemed difficult. 토토사이트

However, Robertson is showing a resurgence in the midst of a major crisis when Diaz, a top-class closer, is out of season.

The factor of Robertson’s resurgence lies in the walk. The number of walks per 9 innings, which was 3.71 last year, decreased to less than 2. As a result, the walk/strikeout ratio reaches 6.0.

Also, hits per 9 innings also fell to less than 4 from 6.2 last year. In other words, getting fewer hits and giving up fewer walks. He must have good grades.

The ninth inning of the New York Mets, which is slowly moving from a double stopper system with Adam Ottavino (38) to Robertson as the exclusive closer.

Attention is focusing on whether Robertson, who has not left much to be desired, will be able to write a ‘career high as a finishing pitcher’ with the last flame burning.

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