1.7 billion won and the degenerated left foot of the final boss

“Isn’t the form a bit strange?” It was spring of 2014. Gossip is heard. It is for the boss who is about to debut in Japan. The NPB referees are also keenly aware. He has completed two demonstration matches. The referee chairman appeared at Koshien Stadium. I gave the relevant interpretation. “I can’t find any problems.”

The controversy is because of the left foot. It was an objection to the stepping motion. He claims to pretend to land and then come back out. It is true. However, it is a judgment that it is not a double action (foul play). The Hanshin club will definitely finish. “It is a natural motion. There was no restraint at the WBC or the Olympics.”

Two years later. This time, it’s the United States. It’s a free place. It respects individuality. That’s why it’s a different reaction. More admiration than quibbles. It’s the first live pitching at Cardinals camp. Infielder Greg Garcia shares his experience: “The first ball was a fastball to the inside. The moment he went out to hit it, the timing was completely messed up. I thought he had kicked it off on the windup, but the ball was still in his hand. So he had to reload. Very strange. It was an experience.”

As FSN commentator Alebowski explains: “Notice that part. It’s the lead foot. It touches the ground a little, then goes out again. It stops on the floor, then it angles and stretches. So the hitters beat the beat.” It’s easy to miss the release timing when you see it from the plate.”

(It was also a problem when he was a rookie in 2007. At the time, KBO requested MLB and was judged to be “no problem.”)

His salary negotiations have been finalized. No, there was no negotiation. B (乙) delegated, and A (甲) honored. It’s like they’re trying hard to keep up with each other. In the meantime, the trick was performed. The content is obviously cut. It was cut from 1.6 billion won to 1.4 billion won. But there are plenty of options. 300 million won is added depending on the performance. The total can be up to 1.7 billion won. In this way, it is an impression. 안전놀이터

Actually, it’s not a score worth giving. 31 saves, but ineffective. It was blown 7 times. His ERA is only 3.32. His WAR is mediocre at 1.69. Strikeouts per 9 innings also decreased. It was 14.50 (2009) at its peak. This dropped to 8.05. The average fastball cannot exceed 145 km (144.7 km). The charisma of the final boss has disappeared.

Numbers are honest. It also appears in the body. He has a distinctive left foot. He was noticeably more modest. He’s normal like any other pitcher. He calmly stretches out and lands as it is. There is no glitz (?) of the past. The hesitation in the middle, the flamboyant padakim, has degenerated.

Americans called the peculiar motion hesitation. It feels like a momentary hesitation. It is difficult to define the relationship between Doljikgu and Doljikgu. But the negative factor is clear. It is an element that tangles the rhythm of the batter. No matter how many times you experience it, it doesn’t change. It is the memory of commentator Ahn Gyeong-hyun. “When you compete with that friend? Timing isn’t that difficult. (Because of the left foot) It can be considered as nonexistent.”

Again, it’s about salary. The guaranteed amount is 14 billion won. Cuts are right. However, this amount means that it continues to play a key role. It is different from the beast. It is a position that is responsible for situations that are directly related to victory and defeat. The anxiety of last season overlaps. It could soon become a burden for Park Jin-man.

On the other hand, there is hope. recovery in the second half. August-September results are good. It was 18.2 innings and 4 runs (own fault). The ERA is 1.93. He posted 4 relief wins with 12 saves. Thanks to this, the team finished the season on an upward trend. Catcher Kang Min-ho also guarantees it. It was right after the Bears game in early September. “Recently, Seunghwan’s ball I received was the best among my older brother’s balls. I think he found his own pace.”

The resurrection of the left foot is not easy. It will be difficult to come back. But it is not just a fastball. There are sliders and splitters. Stable control ability is still the same.

In the end, ‘+300 million won’ was caught. Incentive placed by Gin C. I won’t go into details. But if you reach this standard, then it means a good season. And the Lions will have a successful year in 2023.

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